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My first 8x10. Harry Langon, Jr. took this picture in the 60's.

Wardrobe room at ABC- Shindig-1964-1966. Love the leg line!

Bob Romaniak surrounded by 4 Dancers. He was a great dancer! I am on the right.

Clambake with Elvis, me & my best friend (still), Pam.

Some silly publicity shot in the mid 60's.

Modeling Shot. Photographer: Caroline Leonetti Hollywood, CA 1963

Some show at CBS in the 60's.

A modeling job in the early 70's.

The Cool Ones film with Roddy McDowell. That is me & Teri Garr. She became a great actress.

The Cool Ones. Teri Garr is front & center.

Elvis was translated in SO many countries. That is me dancing on the roof upper left in Clambake.

On a TV Series called “Something Else” in the late 60's. This was on top of a 300ft Oil Derrick, Scary!!! I hate heights.

Fairfax Highschool 1963-1964 Los Angeles, CA. Yikes!!!

Glen Campbell and Ken Berry from the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour. I was so close to Glen and had met Him on Shindig.

David Winters was a brilliant dancer and Choreographer. Here we are at POP (Pacific Ocean Park) in the 60's.

A show called “America or Bust”. I am still friends with the 2 girls!

I loved working with the Nelson Family. It was a wonderful TV Series.

The Dating Game had 2 female dancers, but after 6 shows we were let go. The Bachelor's picked us instead of the contestants!

Shindig with Ricky Nelson ABC 1964. What was that costume?!?

Mike Curb Congregation. I was the Asst. Choreographer and really can't sing, but I did my best!

Ozzie Nelson & me. Fabulous!

Dressing room ABC-TV, Shindig 1964-1966. I am still close friends with 3 of these girls, Maria, Gina and Pam (on far right)

I loved kissing Elvis!!! I think this was Spinout 1967.

Bob Banas was Choreographer on “Something Else”. John Byner was the host.

David Nelson was also talented. Great memories.


Late 60's/ Early 70's Modeling Shot

On the set of New Zoo Revue 1974. I still work with Doug Momary (Doug & Emmy Jo)

My first 3 TV Specials on Network Television. CBS-Top of the Month 1972. Tony Randall was the host

I can't remember what show this was from. I did so many in the 70's and I wish I could remember them all!

Mike Curb Congregation. I was Assistant Choreographer to Kevin Carlisle and also sang in the group (badly, I may add)!

I was a dancer, Assistant Choreographer and actress for the Jonathan Winters TV Series at CBS. (Although, these could be from another series as well!)

Early 70's Publicity Shot (Before children!)

My tummy was so flat! Definitely before children! Early 70's.

Dom De Louise on The Jacksons with Me and my Assistant, Yanco


1984 Solid Gold Emmy Nomination Ad from the Variety

An audition at Griffith Park for “Solid Gold”. I needed one dancer and over 1000 showed up

Complete cheese cake “Solid Gold” pose!

An audition at Griffith Park for “Solid Gold”. I needed one dancer and over 1000 showed up

Solid Gold Shot-complete with leg warmers!

80's head shot…need I say more?

Solid Gold set in my unitard (with NO WAIST, oh my!!!)

Tribute to the Top Five Contemporary Choreographers by Television Academy of Arts & Sciences on the Emmy Telecast 1985, Alan Johnson, Debbie Allen, Ron Fields, Me and Michael Peters

Alex & Tony were the 2 original Male dancers on Solid Gold

Judge on the Miss America Pageant Atlantic City 1988


Sitting with Director, Jeff Margolis 1994-1996. I did this pageant For 4 years and won an Emmy for 1995

Me, Joe Esposito and Teri Garr being interviewed for Joe's book about Elvis in my studio in 2004.